Features of Skeppshult:

  •  Products handmade in Sweden since 1906, following ancient methods and traditions, being the only brand in Scandinavia to produce cast iron kitchen products. Cast iron heats efficiently, can be used on any surface, and holds, disperses and stores heat better than other non-stick pans, and also has a concave design, thus preventing deformation.
  •  Starting with raw iron heated to 1500 degrees, together with other metals in carefully controlled quantities in foundry furnaces, this process creates the shiny iron that characterizes the brand’s products;
  •  There is also a concern for the environment, with only wind and hydroelectric electricity being used in the production process;
  •   Sand molds are used, these are used only once and the sand is recycled into a new mold. Therefore, each product is unique and no two products are the same;
  • Organic products made only with natural ingredients, Skeppshult’s cast iron products are an ecologically healthy alternative to today’s plastic-coated aluminum pans;


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