Hunikus brand characteristics – Corkus:

  • Hunikus is a brand of interior products, namely kitchen accessories, whose main objective is to offer solutions for your home, with innovative, different creations with their own character;
  •  With design being an important point of the brand, it is guaranteed that all products are properly monitored, from their production phase to the moment they leave for your home;
  •  There is a strong focus on the potential and quality of materials, developing contemporary, ecological and timeless solutions, which combined create environments that interact with you;
  •  Cork has aesthetic, environmental and sensorial properties. It is such a perfect raw material that to date no industrial or technological process has been able to match it;
  •  In addition to being a 100% natural material, cork is also light, excellent waterproofing and temperature, making these products contemporary, original, functional and, above all, 100% sustainable;
  •  And All of the brand’s products contribute to its identity, with the design and social and environmental awareness, three of the main pillars that characterize the brand, also focusing on comfort, quality and originality;


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