Jero’s Features:

  •   With decades of experience in cutlery, Jero’s main concern has always been to combine the care and excellence of materials with the efficiency and quality of the knives that are produced every day in its facilities;
  •   Jero has grown sustainably and today has a team committed to producing the best knives and cutlery utensils for the kitchen and industry, and providing an effective response to the needs of its customers;
  •   The knife blades are made of high quality stainless steel, with a high carbon content, exceptional cutting power, being extremely durable and with excellent corrosion resistance;
  •   Jero does not forget the more traditional processes, which make Portuguese cutlery one of the most acclaimed in the world. But it has its eyes set on the future, being a company focused on innovation, attention to detail, design and concern for environmental and resource sustainability.


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